Latest Release: ChromeDriver 2.42

Supports Chrome v68-70

Changes include:
  • Fixed ClickEelement in Mobile Emulation
  • Fixed whitelisted IPs with IPv4
  • Fixed starting ChromeDriver with whitelisted-ips flag on Mac OS
  • Fixed SetTimeout to accept both pre-W3C and W3C formats
  • Fixed take element screenshot
  • Fixed ChromeDriver is looking for Chrome binaries in a system PATH as well
  • Fixed Maximize window and Full Screen
  • Implemented log-replay functionality. ( Does not work for Android and Remote Browser yet )
  • Fixed some error codes were not compliant to W3C standard
  • Fixed console.log with multiple arguments not handled properly
  • Fixed GetElementRect should allow doubles
  • Fixed touch emulation

ChromeDriver 2.41

Supports Chrome v67-69

Changes include:
  • Fixed issue when 
    ChromeDriver runs with "whitelisted-ips" option
  • Remote Debugging Port is returned in capabilities
  • Implemented getting window size on Android
  • Desktop Chrome launch error messages are improved
  • ChromeDriver fails fast when unable to start Chrome binaries
  • Close Window return value conforms with spec

ChromeDriver 2.40

Supports Chrome v66-68

Changes include:
  • Fixed Chromedriver hang on open when user-data-dir is specified and exists
  • ChromeDriver supports IPv6 on requests
  • Fixed Chromedriver couldn't find the Android file using valid file path
  • /session/:sessionId/send_command and /session/:sessionId/send_command_and_get_result changed to proper extension commands

ChromeDriver 2.39

Supports Chrome v66-68

Changes include:
  • Fixed ChromeDriver for Android does not provide useful error message for old adb version
  • Fixed ChromeDriver tests that close Windows are flaky
  • Fixed Click on component into an Iframe (with container padding > 0) is not working
  • Fixed ChromeDriver remote debug port reservation race conditions
  • Fixed Get Alert Text is not returning spec compliant error codes
  • Fixed Clean up state of androidUseRunningApp feature
  • Fixed Minimize/Maximize window need a w3c compliant endpoints
ChromeDriver 2.38

Supports Chrome v65-67 

Changes include:
  • Fixed Chromedriver crash/lose connection when navigate to gmail 
  • Fixed unknown session ID and cannot determine loading status
  • Resolved Chromedriver doesn't wait until iframe content loads after switching into iframe
  • Fixed element is not clickable at point.

ChromeDriver 2.37

Supports Chrome v64-66

Changes include:
  • Fixed an issue with handling iframe on Chrome v66
  • Implemented various window command endpoints from w3c spec
  • Implemented get element rect endpoint from w3c spec
  • Fixed the parsing of extensionLoadTimeout option to allow value of 0
ChromeDriver 2.36

Supports Chrome v63-65

Changes include:
  • Allowed access to chrome extension within iframe
  • Added command-line option to log INFO level to stderr
  • Fixed ChromeDriver hang when switching to new window whose document is being overwritten
  • Added option to control the wait for extension background pages
  • Fixed abstract UNIX socket name
  • Fixed loading extension if background page name starts with '/'
  • ChromeDriver more extensible on Android by allowing to set the exec name and device socket as capabilities
  • Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are now working in Mobile Emulation
  • Chromedriver supports OOPIF

ChromeDriver 2.35

Supports Chrome v62-64

Changes include:
  • Supports persistent connections between client application and ChromeDriver.
  • Adds more devices types for mobile emulation.
  • Fixes a bug in get local storage command.
  • Fixes a compatibility bug that causes JavaScript code execution to fail on some versions of Chrome.
  • Uses absolute time in log file.

ChromeDriver 2.34

Supports Chrome v61-63

Changes include:
  • Supports new navigation model in Chrome v63+.
  • Fixes a bug where touch in mobile emulation doesn't work.
  • Fixes a bug in emulating Android devices.
  • Removed Timeline as a supported perf log domain type (no longer supported in Chrome).
ChromeDriver 2.33

Supports Chrome v60-62

Changes include:
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver crashes while creating DNS resolver.
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver fails to click in mobile emulation mode on Chrome 61+.
  • Fixes a bug which caused Resizing/Positioning Window commands to fail on Chrome 62+.
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver fails to connect to webview on Android 8.0.0.
  • Updates to excludeSwitches capability that now allows to exclude --load-extension switch.
  • Updates to AddCookie command as per new w3c spec.
  • Updates to FindElement command as per new w3c spec.
ChromeDriver 2.32

Changes include:
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver fails to click due to page scrolling changes in Chrome 61+.
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver fails to delete cookies in Chrome 62+.
  • Implemented spec-compliant new session handshake.
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver fails to retrieve default prompt text in Chrome 62+.
  • Changes to the way automation extension is loaded on Mac and Windows.
  • The latest WebDriver atoms have been imported.
  • Supports new spec compliant endpoints for executing scripts.
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver fails to send characters 3 and # keys on Mac Chrome 62+.
  • Removed dependency of GLIBC 2.18.
  • Updates to capabilities processing as per new w3c spec.
  • Ensures sending keys to non-prompt dialog returns correct errors as per new w3c spec.
  • Ensure that file exists while sending keys to file input field.

ChromeDriver 2.31

Changes include:
  • Fixes a bug which caused SendKeys to fail on headless Chrome.
  • Support for Get Named Cookie WebDriver command.
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver sets incorrect path while adding cookie.
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver inconsistently fails to retrieve cookies.
  • Ensures that element is attached to page's DOM for switchToFrame command.
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver fails to handle ECMAScript strings.
  • Support for vendor-prefixed chromeOptions capability.
  • Fixes a bug which caused ChromeDriver to timeout when a page sets window.location.
  • Supports long command line arguments on Android Chrome.

ChromeDriver 2.30

Changes include:
  • Fixes a bug where Chromedriver fails to delete temporary directories while exiting.
  • The list of mobile device names has been updated to match those in DevTools.
  • Fixes stack overflow errors in JavaScript code used by ChromeDriver.
  • Accepts empty Blink revision to work with Chrome 60+ on Chrome OS platform.
  • Fixes a bug which causes ChromeDriver to crash on using console.time from Chrome 58+.
  • Updates to AddCookie implementation.
  • Allows access to chrome extension within iframe.
  • Chromedriver now uses DevTools commands to perform window management operations.
  • Sending text to alert/confirm dialog will now return error.
  • Various updates to work with Chrome 58+.

ChromeDriver 2.29

Changes include:
  • Fixes a bug which caused ExecuteScript to fail when Object.prototype is modified.
  • Fixes a bug that interferes with handling the alert dialog on page unload.
  • Support for making the window tab visible on switching to windows.

ChromeDriver 2.28

Changes include:
  • Fixes a bug which blocked ChromeDriver automation extension from loading and thereby causing window resizing/positioning & screenshot functionalities to break.
  • Fixes a bug where NetLog json files were being truncated.
  • Fixes a bug which caused ChromeDriver to timeout and/or hang randomly while a dialog is showing.
  • Fixes a bug which caused FindElements to fail in some scenarios.
  • Various updates to work with Chrome 57+ .

ChromeDriver 2.27

This release fixes a bug which caused ChromeDriver to fail on pages with SharedWorkers.

ChromeDriver 2.26

Changes include:
  • Fixes a bug which caused SendKeys to fail to send a space character.
  • Support for emulating different network connections (e.g. offline, 2G, WiFi).
  • Support for automatically handling unexpected alerts.
  • The latest WebDriver atoms have been imported.
  • Prevents random error when accepting a dialog.

ChromeDriver 2.25

Changes include:
  • Fixes a bug which causes ChromeDriver to crash during Runtime.consoleAPICalled events from Chrome 54+
  • Prevents timeouts when fetching logs while a dialog is showing

ChromeDriver 2.24

Changes include:
  • Fixes for SendKeys errors, particularly with Chrome 53+
  • Fixes for calls to GetLog, both to reduce timeouts, and support changes in Chrome 53+
  • Updates to support recent remote debugging protocol changes in Chrome

ChromeDriver 2.23

Changes include:
  • A fix for ChromeDriver on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which sometimes causes session initialization failures
  • A fix for a bug where console log messages were not being seen by ChromeDriver

ChromeDriver 2.22

Changes include many bug fixes, particularly for Chrome 51+. This includes fixes for various scenarios that caused ChromeDriver to timeout and/or hang.

ChromeDriver 2.21

Changes include numerous bug fixes, and improved support for recent versions of Chrome. A few changes were made to bring ChromeDriver in line with other WebDriver implementations, and may break some existing tests:
  • Calls to GetTitle will now return a blank string if the page has no title. Previous versions returned the URL of the page in this case. Tests that need to check for the URL should do so explicitly.
  • Calls to GetUrl will now return the URL of the top-level browsing context, rather than the URL of the current frame. This matches what is shown in the browser's address bar, and tests that need to check for the URL of the frame can evaluate the JS expression window.location.href.

ChromeDriver 2.20

Changes include:
  • Fixes to make ChromeDriver compatible with recent versions of adb
  • Unicode conversion fixes on Chrome OS
  • The /sessions endpoint now uses a key named "id" rather than "sessionId" (as required by the WebDriver Wire Protocol)
  • Access to <webview> tags is now possible through ChromeOptions.windowTypes
  • Changes to mobile emulation:
    • Device width, height and pixel ratio are now optional parameters
    • The list of mobile device names has been updated to match those in DevTools
  • The latest WebDriver atoms have been imported

ChromeDriver 2.19

  • More bug fixes to to reduce "stale element" and "no such element" errors on Chrome 44+.
  • Prevent a crash in canary Chrome builds when using ChromeDriver in mobile emulation mode.
  • Return the HttpOnly attribute in cookies, if one is set.

ChromeDriver 2.18

Changes include many bug fixes that allow ChromeDriver to work more reliably with Chrome 44+.

ChromeDriver 2.17

  • Fixes to reduce flakiness in screenshot tests.
  • Bug fixes for synthetic scroll and tap actions.
  • ChromeDriver no longer attempts to silence error messages on Windows. This makes output more verbose but fixes some issues that occur when running ChromeDriver tests in Task Scheduler.
  • The print preview dialog is now included in the list of window handles, if it is on screen.
  • The latest WebDriver atoms have been imported.

ChromeDriver 2.16

  • Experimental support for Touch Actions
  • Fixed a bug when navigating back or forwards, where ChromeDriver sometimes would not wait for the page to finish loading
  • Fixed a bug when navigating or reloading a page, where ChromeDriver would sometimes send commands to the wrong <iframe>

ChromeDriver 2.15

  • On Windows, we now always use a US keyboard layout for keycode conversions, which matches what we do on Linux
  • When using performance logging, Timeline is now disabled by default, since it is deprecated in Chrome 42+
  • Improved error checking and error messages

ChromeDriver 2.14

Fixed bugs:
  • Support for Shadow DOM.
  • Support for the /sessions WebDriver command.
  • Getting the location of an element, and moving the mouse to an element, now uses the center of the first ClientRect, rather than the center of the bounding box.
  • Closing a Chrome session with a custom user data directory now uses SIGTERM on POSIX, which ensures that the browser updates any preferences and settings in the profile directory after the test completes.
  • Fixed a JavaScript alert handling bug.
  • The list of window handles now includes extension popup windows.

Please also refer to the 2.14 release notes for more information.

ChromeDriver 2.13

  • Chromedriver times out waiting for Tracing.end command to respond 
  • GoBack command times out on all platforms 
  • ChromeDriver port server fails to reserve port 
  • Commands goBack and goForward have race condition. 
  • chromedriver fails with "Chrome version must be >= 31.0.1650.59" on Android 4.4.3 webviews 
  • silence chrome logging by default on windows 
  • ChromeDriver fails to close DevTools UI before executing commands 
Please also refer to the 2.13 release notes for more information.

ChromeDriver 2.12

  • Support for Chrome apps that use the <webview> tag
  • Bug fixes for mobile emulation
  • The ability to override a custom user data dir's existing preferences through desiredCapabilities.chromeOptions.prefs
  • A fix for a memory leak in ChromeDriver
  • Bug fixes for session initialization on Chrome OS
Please also refer to the 2.12 release notes for more information.

ChromeDriver 2.11

  • Support for mobile emulation on desktop browsers [chromedriver mobile emulation docs]
  • Support for tracing [chromedriver tracing docs]
  • Removal of the "ignore certificate error" infobar
  • Support for extensions in .zip format
  • The latest Selenium WebDriver atoms
  • Support for the latest versions of Chrome
  • Numerous bug fixes, including various fixes to page loading, and issues related to element visibility and interactability
For a list of issues that have been resolved, please refer to the notes.