Need help?

If you have a general question or need help using ChromeDriver, you can email the chromedriver-users group.

Before filing a bug, check that your issue is not discussed in the subpages.

ChromeDriver is an open source project, and is worked on by various contributors who monitor the issue list periodically. The issue will be given a priority and a status with the following meanings:


    • P0 - will resolve before next release

    • P1 - consider resolving for next release

    • P2 - consider resolving for next quarter

    • P3 - low priority


Open Statuses:

  • Unconfirmed - New, has not been verified or reproduced

  • Untriaged - Confirmed, not reviewed for priority and assignment

  • Available - Triaged, but no owner assigned

  • Assigned - In someone's queue, but not started

  • Started - Work in progress

  • ExternalDependency - Requires action from a third party

Closed Statuses:

  • Fixed - Work completed, needs verification

  • Verified - Test or reporter verified that the fix works

  • Duplicate - Same root cause as another issue

  • WontFix - Cannot reproduce, works as intended, invalid, or obsolete

  • Archived - Old issue with no activity

Support Policy

Only the current stable and beta versions of ChromeDriver are supported. Any bugs filed against an old version of ChromeDriver may be closed.